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Friday, April 1, 2011

Speaking of Canadians

The official 2011 top ten list of Famous Canadians is here!

Ranking n°1 is aging beach babe Pamela Anderson!
Winner! Can you guess her age?

2 Country singer Shania Twain
3 Shannon Tweed (if you have any clue who she is... I don't)
4 Model Estella Warren
5 Portuguese Nelly Furtado
6 Vegas resident Celine Dion
7 Not appearing on the list, why?
8 I-totally-agree-with-that Keanu Reeves
9 Rock band barenakedladies (yes, I also first thought it was an X-rated website!)
10 Ironic singer Alanis Morissette

Do you agree with that? Who would you have added to the list?

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