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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not much news these days...


I will not be posting much these days as I broke my thumb a few days ago...
Typing with the fingers that are left is not very convenient as you can guess!
If you have any suggestion for a topic, email me or leave a comment.
It won't do me harm to receive a first comment after 10 day + of opening!

PS I am also now working as a plus size model, so if you have any suggestion for a job, a
 photographer or else, let me know! I have signed with an agency but can study any serious offer, as long as it implies I remain fully dressed! 
Ha, you never know these days, I prefer to mention it!

Meanwhile, I leave you with a video that shows when the cloud of nuclear particles from Fukushima will reach the different parts of the globe. I would advise you not to believe what the government says and not to go out in case of rain or storm, as water is a big conveyer of  radiations.  It you want to commit and help, you can give to the Red Cross and join the CRIIRAD, it let you check it out...
By the way, Japanese miso is a great way to depollute your body from radiations... So do not panic if you do not eat iodine pills, try Japanese miso instead! 

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