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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Green clay natural beauty recipe...

Hello people!

Well in case the world ends tomorrow and there are no beauty stores on the planet and you need to get ready for a date with the last survivor on Earth...

On this blog I will deliver a few beauty tips, that ...

  • cost almost nothing or absolutely nothing
  • are really efficient
  • are not harmful to your health, contrary to most beauty products 
  • may even be good for your health
  • are easy to try: even in a post apocalypse world, you could do it!
The first one is... clay powder!
There are several types of clay, but the green one is the most purifying. It is rather to be used on greasy skin 
but it has more benefits than red, yellow or white clay.
Try green clay to purify your skin: prepare a paste by mixing the paste with water, then apply it to your face. If you do that every week, you will not have zits, or dark spots anymore!

Green clay is also good if you want to get rid of a chemical hair dye. Just apply the paste mixed with a bit of oil, to prevent from dry hair, and little by little, if you do that for a few weeks, all the pigments will disappear.

It also has many use such as toothpaste, because it is very soothing.
 It is also really good for cataplasm on an injury or an infection. Clay and especially green clay has the ability of absorbing everything that is harmful to your body, through the barrier of your skin.
It is also said to be a good thing to try to apply on a tumor, if it is not a malignant one.

Last tip: you can drink green clay solved in water if you suffer stomach ache, swollen belly, acidity, bad digestion or aerophagia. It is also good for remineralizing your body

You can find green clay at any beauty store, organic store, and at your chemist.
Always remember to prepare the paste using no metallic cutlery. Always use a wooden or plastic spoon because otherwise clay would absorb small metallic parts which can be unhealthy.

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