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Monday, March 14, 2011

How to treat your cat with special food

This is a message dedicated to all cat lovers over the world ...

Treating your pet is very important, to prevent boredom, stress and even as a reward (if you are trying to train your cat to respond to simple orders, for example).

If you really want to treat your cat, you may want to...

Borrowed from

  • buy catnip and spread it on the floor, your cat will love it! Some are so reactive to this that it may cause a strong euphoria and excitation, or increase relaxation... Some do not react to it at all. Be careful as it can be difficult to find it at the flower shop: they sometimes sell germinated barley which does not cause euphoria to kitties!
  • more surprisingly, cats LOVE brewer' yeast! This is not very well-known but works terribly well! Buy it in flakes or pills and give 1 to your cat as a treat or a reward. 
  • green olive: easy to find and makes most cats go wild! If you want him to be attracted to a place or an object, you can rub it with an olive. Does not work with black olives
  • Some cats are also very attracted to lavender and other herbs! 

Test them with your cat and tell us about your discoveries!

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